Saturday, March 24, 2012

Biking With Betty In Bruge..

Note: Sorry, couple days behind again so will just quickly post this I wrote the other day and then do a a quick summary of Amsterdam which is where I am at the moment.

Today I had arranged to meet up with Della, who is a Canadian girl I met at the hostel I stayed in yesterday. We had planned to do a bit of a bike trip out to the beach. So I met her in the morning just after breakfast and we hired the bikes from the hostel..

 Biking in Bruge is very common, everyone seems to have these kind of bikes. They aren't mountain bikes, they aren't road bikes, they are just basic city bikes with a few gears. I love how old school they look and how they make you sit upright rather than hunched over... the wicked witch of the west.
Albert was saying how unseasonably warm it has been compared to last week, so I've been lucky and timed it right..(it's not really warm,, around 13 degrees, just clear and not rainy)

We followed the bike paths out of old town. Helmets aren't compulsory in Bruge, most don't wear them, but they are recommended. All around Bruge, bikes and small motorcycles have their own separate pathways so not like you are biking among heavy traffic. (Also good for me because I keep biking on the wrong side of the road!)

We followed our map (soon getting lost) but we new which direction to go and we were soon out in Blankenberg on the beach..

The North Sea

Almost looks summery.....really wasn't though. Bitter sea wind, cold enough to see my breath. My face and hands are quite numb in this photo. 

We found a little shelter bit out of the wind and enjoyed the sun. Much warmer without the wind. 

Stopped at some random Tearoom and had some hot Soup with bread rolls. 
We were biking on a main road so we detoured and took another route home..

 Passing through a small town called Lissewege, so small but a lovely atmosphere. Biking on cobblestones isn't very comfortable though...

Along a very wide and long canal
 That evening I cooked my own dinner, but Albert gave me another Belgium beer, which is a cherry beer. Quite sweet with very strong cherry flavour, but delicious.

This is my personal beer glass he serves my beers in

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