Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No more Baguettes...

Today I was departing Paris, very sad to be going. So I'll start this off with a big THANKYOU to Nick - for having me to stay, showing me the sights, sharing advice, cooking delicious food, and being great company. Definitely nice to have someone to talk to in the morning and evenings!. Very grateful for his hospitality, hope to see him again soon, in NZ perhaps?

I caught the metro to the main station, I was so excited about travelling on my first High speed train through Europe. I love trains, I think they are fantastic, maybe because they're not pressurized at 30,000 feet but I think they are the ultimate way to travel. Good views, fast, and luxurious.

I'd be travelling to Bruge on the Thalys train.

Lovely big chairs with fold down trays, power plugs for laptops,  you can buy wifi as well. 
 For the first part I was sitting on the aisle with an older lady from Paris. We didn't speak for a while, but then she pulled out a massive baguette with ham, cheese and salad, and stuttered out, "Would you like half?" I didn't really have an option as she was already pulling it apart, delicious. I spoke to her for the rest of the trip about her and my travels, before she departed at the Brussels station. (She also gave me her half drank can of coke which I thanked her for but just threw it out later, that's a bit to much sharing)

Then I had the window seat for myself, with my laptop (Couldn't take my eyes off the countryside to write blogs!!)
These trains are incredibly fast, faster than I previously thought. I got a little scared at one point because I looked over the chairs in front and could see out both sides of the train, it felt like warp speed!!!  But soo much fun, I can't wait for my next train from Amsterdam to Salzburg, which is about 9 hours, so wohoo!!
(I think I'm more excited about the train then the destination...that's not right)

I arrived in Bruge about 1pm and caught a bus to my hostel where I would stay for 1 night. I've actually already fallen in love with Bruge, it's incredibly beautiful. I'll post more pictures on my next post of the town. But here is one when I went for a walk in the afternoon of the windmills around Bruge.

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