Saturday, March 24, 2012

In Bruge

Another fantastic day in Bruge....not much to report, did a couple museums, lots of walking, chilling in the park, eating copious amounts of chocolate etc. 

Me In Bruge.!

Koningin Park - Amazing park

Hundreds of Swans fill the canals...but this is just one

Bruge has HEAPS of chocolate shops selling homemade Belgium Chocolates....This entire tree thing is chocolate

More Churches

Belgium Waffels..Yum

For Dinner Burt and I bought some Mussels and had 2kg pot of steamed mussels, salads and fries with a chardonnay. I've been craving mussels forever! 

Earlier we bought some desserts from a bakery, this is meringue with some sort of soft gooey toffee inside, slathered in cream and chocolate flakes. All for me. 
 After dinner we watched the movie "In Bruge" (while in Bruge!!! isn't that funny) if you haven't heard or seen the movie it's pretty good, you can watch the trailer...might have some coarse language. It's not a comedy kinda sad actually, but worth watching. 

went on a walk through Bruge at night. Such a different atmosphere at night, incredible. Another balmy evening too.. I couldn't help but everywhere I went now, "Oh that was in the movie" so I'm glad I watched it on my last night in Bruge.

 We got home late-ish, but still enough time to devour my chocolates I bought earlier...

Can't remember what each filling each has but something like....Raspberry sugar coated, vanilla cream, peppermingt, marzipan, Baileys, hazelnut, and strawberry cream. Albert also has a 2kg pack of little chocolate Easter eggs which I have not stopped eating...soon they will be all gone


  1. Dear Piglet
    Sounds awesome.... I have never seen a chocolate tree before... obviously lead a sheltered life!

    I was struck seeing your Mussel feast how it reminded me of dinner in town, at of course, the Belgian Beer cafe. So they must have got it right... I hear it will be reopening so hope that is true. We went there for a Valentines Day meal and got the chocolates so have some idea of what you are eating mmm

    Loving the night pictures - GB will be even more jealous of those. How beautifully lit up it all is.

    Was thinking I must watch In Bruges again to see where you are- perhaps this time I can make it to the end of the movie...

    thanks for the chat too

  2. I'm laughing! How well your Mum knows me. I was just going to say really complimentary things about your night photography. Those photos are superb. And, yes, I am very envious, very!

    The film looks rather weird. So weird that I may well see if I can find it.