Saturday, March 24, 2012

Leaving to Amsterdam..

Had a lovely quiet day round the apartment, until it was time to go to the station to catch my bus to Amsterdam.
Albert dropped my off at the station just after lunch. Big thanks to him for such a comfortable and relaxing stay!

Della was also taking the same bus to Amsterdam so was awesome to have someone to talk to the whole way. Certainly doesn't feel like 6 hours when you've got good company.

If felt like we stopped in every Belgium city before even getting to Amsterdam! We had a 30 minute stop in Brussells so we jumped off the bus and ran into a bar to grab a pint of Belgium beer which Della realised she forgot to try while she was here. We chugged them back ( I had a wit beer actually made in Bruge called Brugs, even though I'm not a huge beer drinker, this was probably my favorite beer ever) , grabbed some snacks and hopped back on the bus.

We arrived about 9pm and took our separate ways on the tram. I stayed up just catching up with my couchsurfing host, who is also very nice. He is a psycho............therapist ;), and travels pretty extensively himself, so he gave me some more good tips about travelling, and also gave me a museum card which gets me into pretty much any museum in Amsterdam for free. Sweet!! Will have to use that up while I'm here...

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  1. You are very brave drinking a beer before a bus journey.