Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afternoon Stroll

(Mondays Entry)

Just a quick update, spent the majority of the morning in a small bagel bar in Montmatre using their internet as my computer wouldn't connect up to Nick's (works now though, yay!) I went down to Carrefour, the local supermarket and bought my weeks groceries. I spent about 15 minutes looking at apples and asking people if they spoke English because I couldn't work out the price; this was a similar story when trying to decide on tuna, not on price, but whether it was actually Tuna I was buying!

I quickly got changed into something lighter, as you'll see from the pics, another gorgeous sunny day!

Quick stroll up to the Sacre Coeur again

View from the side

Taken from Google (Photos weren't allowed) but it is a stunning Church

Headed down the hill..

Quick stop at Trinite Church
(Taken from Google) inside the church
Place de la Concorde 

Bottom of Champs Elysees 

I was stopped by a young girl, (must have been a few years younger than myself) as I walked up the Champs Elysees who asked if I spoke English. I said I did and she proceeded to tell me about this cause to do with disabled babies and if I'd sign what looked like a petition. I got to the column that asked for a donation and I questioned her about it and said I didn't have any money except for maybe 1 Euro in my pocket (but of course I had probably 5 Euros in change in my pocket + a few notes in my money belt) I gave it to her and walked off. In hindsight I don't know why the alarm bells weren't ringing right from 'Hello' but yes, I had been scammed out of my 1 Euro. I told Nick about it when I got home and he confirmed it was, and told me about a time he got scammed when he arrived in Paris, where men grab your arm, tie a bracelet then demand money. Lesson learn't, not that you shouldn't give to charities but just ask for I.D and make sure they are a legitimate. 

Arc Di Triomph

Back up to Montmartre (lots of stairs)

A quiet day, apart from being scammed! Looking forward to tomorrow, most of Paris' museums shut on Tuesday so will see what else is open.

P.s I've made a couple pictures larger than usual, do you prefer them larger? or like I usually have them? or a mix of the two? let me know..


  1. Oh well, at least it was only 1 Euro. You had the good sense not to give out too much.

    Paris looks amazing. I definitely appreciate the larger images. Good job!


  2. Well said James - liek the larger images too :) although before I post mine to a blog I resize them by exporting them through Picasa so they are not 2mb each! Not sure if Blogger automatically resizes larger ones as it didn't seem too? I then display them as Large...

    Good to see the sun for you..

  3. Okay cool I'll make them bigger from now on. Yeah I run them through a re-sizer as well, I don't think blogger re-sizes them for you.

  4. More familiar places and superb photos.