Friday, March 16, 2012

Yesterday I had tried to go to the Pantheon and when I arrived it said people under 26 that are residents of the European Union could get in for free as long as they had I.D, which I didn't have on me. So I decided to try again today with my British Passport.

The Pantheon - Dedicated to St. Genevieve 

Inside the Pantheon
A very grand interior, with the help of Rick, I could read up on the surrounding paintings and the sculptures. Most of the information is in French with some English translations dotted around.

Foucault pendulum
Leon Foucault, a french physicist designed this pendulum to demonstrate the rotation of the earth. As the pendulum swings, the earth rotates beneath it, and the one pictured tells the time (I think, well it was correct when I was there)
Dome where the Foucault pendulum hangs
The Crypt 
Victor Hugo's Tomb - Writer of Les Miserables and Hunchback of Notre Dame
I cant remember the name of this Church but had the organ playing and choir practicing so I sat and listened for a bit 
Grand Palace with it's glass ceiling
I'm not sure if you can get into the Grand Palace, I know there is a science museum at the back but I just wanted to see the ceiling. Anyway I walked around and gave up, ended up on the other side of the road at Petite Palace
Petite Palace 
 Which is an art gallery, also had a great French band recording/shooting/practicing in the main entrance
Inside Petite Palace
Nice Courtyards

I tried to run over to the Orsay Museum, as Rick said you could get in for free at exactly 5pm, but no such luck. So I just ate my sandwich and listen to this great pianist on the main steps.

Abbey of St Germain-Des-Pres
This is one of Paris' oldest churches, built in the 6th Century. Had a look around, again little/no English to read so felt a bit disconnected.

 I wandered round the St. Germain area, coming across more Churches and hundreds of boutique clothing shops. I didn't realise it was quite an upmarket area, I was busy looking for bargain bin clothing shops! No such luck. The scam artists are becoming quite ridiculous. For the 3rd time I  was approached to give to disabled babies again by a young gypsy girl. And on my way back up there must have been over a dozen men trying the bracelet trick, I had to almost run to get through a swarm of them as they asked, ''S'cuse me Sir!"
They're harmless, just annoying, so if you just don't acknowledge them they'll move on.

 Tomorrow I think the Louvre!


  1. If i went back to the Louvre I would be thinking of bloodlines and conspiracy theories after watching Da Vinci Code....

    Stunning pic inside the Pantheon - wow.
    Good to see you getting about with Rick lol -

    Isn't there an app that translates pictures - yes Word lens
    Se if there is one for French?


  2. Alex,
    Do try to get back to the Musee D'Orsay, even if you have to pay! The building is stunning, not to mention the artwork.
    If you are looking for cheaper clothes, Montmartre has plenty of choices (what kind of tour guide job is my son doing?!)
    Glad you are having such great weather, sounds much sunnier than when we were there in May!

  3. Now you are in uncharted territory for me and I'm seeing things I've not experienced. There is a translate app which is useful for all the basics. Do you not have a French Berlitz pocket book? Invaluable.