Wednesday, March 14, 2012

(Tuesdays entry)

Decided after breakfast that I'd head over to see the Notre Dame. Nick has a Rick Steves guide book (which is actually probably your one Heather) for France which includes Paris so I was going to follow a walking path recommended by Rick. It started off..

Notre Dame 

Great Stain glass

Candles burning every few meters 

Inside Notre Dame
Rick had heaps of information about the history of Notre Dame, especially about the front facade of the church, where stories are played out in the sculptures.

End of the world, Demons and Angels weighing souls
The was also another one depicting the banishing of Adam and Eve from the garden wrapped around a pillar. Such minor details you'd usually overlook. Next stop was the deportation memorial...

Deportation Memorial for the 200,000 french sent to concentration camps
Found the Love locks on the Pont de l'Archeveche bridge
Notre Dame is on an Island on the Siene (this was shortly after being asked to donate to disabled babies..again!!)
Now I've got myself lost off the exact path but I still find a few sights Rick recommends..

Palais de Justice - former prison where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned before being executed  
It was hard to find my way around this place, so I may have missed some key spots, but St. Chapelle church was located in the same secured area, but was undergoing some restorations.

Luxembourg Gardens 
Luxembourg Gardens are so nice and relaxing, but very busy. There are metal chairs just dotted everywhere (including under the trees to the right and left where it extends quite a bit) that you could just carry round and place where you'd want it. Most people were just sitting relaxing, reading, painting, listening to music, or having a nap. It was like one giant resting garden. I sat on a bench amongst the other Parisians and ate my lunch before reclining and reading my map and guidebook in the sun.

After walking in the complete wrong direction for 20 minutes, I hopped on the nearest metro to the Holocaust Museum near Bastille.

Holocaust Museum - The crypt where ashes from the concentration camps are buried
I almost walked out of this place after about 10 minutes because I thought it was really small, but I had missed the main exhibition! 2 hours later the museum shut and I had to leave, fascinating stuff, but also very horrifying, quite graphic images.

July Column in Place de la Bastille

What's for dinner?! I don't know but I'm starting with Blue cheese and baguette! 

I know what you're thinking, is Alex getting any veges? Yes, my entire week in London was crammed full of vegetables and salads, so I'm enjoying a small binge.  


  1. Hard to beat cheese and baguette.. who needs veges for a few days :)
    Nice to see Notre Dame again. Hadn't realised there was a holocaust museum there.

    1. Yeah the memorial is quite small which is behind Notre Dame but the other museum was a metro ride away.

  2. It's a long time since I was in Notre Dame and I couldn't recall much of it so it was good to see your photos. I've just finished supper with a friend: blue cheese and French bread. Quelle coïncidence.